MONBAT is a fast developing battery manufacturing brand. Established in 1959, MONBAT’S products have been successfully supplied internationally for over 50 years. Located in Bulgaria; these European manufactured batteries have a wide product range which includes starter batteries, leisure, marine, commercial, AGM batteries and batteries for military applications. Monbat facilities are equipped with state of the art technology and machines using the latest scientific cooling methods.

MONBAT’S AGM and EFB range is designed to help reduce fuel consumption and has a 30-40% increase in cold cranking power compared to a standard battery. It is also absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof. AGM and EFB batteries are essential for stop-start cars and are designed for extreme power demands with a long service life. The AGM battery suits high end luxury cars as the EFB is for entry level vehicles. MONBAT batteries have higher, reliable specification because the batteries are made of a purer lead and the plates are larger and more compact. The MONBAT battery plant has a production capacity of 3.5 million automotive batteries and 250,000 AGM batteries.

MONBAT batteries are circulated globally through a network of appointed distributors and in 2011 Easystart was awarded the MONBAT distributors for the UK. MONBAT is not just a label it’s a dependable, respected and powerful brand.
Charging Approach for Higher Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA)

MONBAT batteries are manufactured and designed to withstand new demands that modern commercial vehicles require, this includes an increase in Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA).

Most battery manufactures use the water bath system to help disperse the heat generated by the initial charging process. Dispersing the heat is vital, if the battery gets too hot the internals can be damaged and future battery performance impaired. The water bath system has been used for years but has its limitations. The main disadvantage is the initial charge time can be up to twenty four hours.

MONBAT’S approach is to cool the battery from the inside by pumping cooled acid around each individual cell enabling a much faster charge rate without causing any internal damage. Every cell has its own acid feed which is computer controlled and monitored ensuring the correct charge rate is achieved. This method reduces the initial charge time from twenty four hours to just seven. Combined with precise build quality and quick form time gives extremely high cold crank performance, with no internal damage.

To ensure accuracy, CCA is measured under laboratory conditions. There are four primary standards DIN (German Norm), IEC (International Electrical Commission), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers USA) and EN (European Norm). Each one with a different method and different timings but all the tests are carried out at -18’c and stop when the battery reaches 6volts. Monbat is tested using the EN technique.

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