UPS and Telecom Batteries

Easystart is proud to represent two of the world’s leading manufacturers of UPS and Telecom batteries.

Haze UPS & Telecom Range:

Haze is a world leading production facility in both Monobloc and Front Access batteries offering a 12 year design life in a range that covers; 2v, 4v, 6v, & 12v.

Designed to meet the needs of UPS and many other diverse applications where DC power is required on demand. A completely maintenance free, sealed construction, eliminates the need for watering. Analytical Grade electrolyte, spill / leak proof & valve regulated. ABS Case and cover - V0 on request as well as a low self-discharge.

Haze’s Front Access range offers the same characteristics as the Monobloc however the advantage is that the terminals are all front facing which allows for easy access, racking and maintenance. Haze batteries come with some significant accreditations from leading worldwide brands to further enhance their quality.

Monbat Front Access:

Monbat also manufacture a Front Access series that is the perfect solution for multiple applications. The voltage ranges from 2, 4, 6 & 12v with capacity ranging from 70 to 600Ah. Monbat Front Access are all 12 year design life and suitable for both 19” and 23” racking. Similarly to the Haze range, Monbat has multiple accreditations worldwide.

Applications for Front Access Batteries include:

  • Rail network
  • Telecoms, signalling and communication
  • Power stations
  • Public buildings (hospitals, banks etc)
  • Renewable energy stations


This is a summary of the range Easystart is able to offer, please download the PDF spec sheet for more information or use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch.