Unibat is an Italian battery brand who are best known for their motorcycle batteries and they are the official sponsor for Ducati. They sponsor racers such as Cal Crutchlow, Andrea Dovizioso.

Unibat batteries are known for having high starting power and long lasting performance because of new and improved technologies such as AGM, Gel and Lithium. The range consists of the CX series which is maintenance free AGM technology, MF series use the AGM technology but have an acid pack and the Conventional series with an acid pack.

The CX series is 100% sealed and maintenance free, this makes them leak & vibration proof. They have 30% more capacity than a standard AGM battery because they are tightly packed construction and calcium reinforced grids plates prevent plate separation and guard against vibration damage. This means they also have better charge capacity while using the vehicle.

The MF series is constructed with lead acid calcium and absorbed glass matt to make them maintenance free. This stops any electrolyte leaking from the batteries, provides more starting power and there is no need to check the acid level. The battery is built using fiberglass matt separators so there is no need to worry about issues that can occur from vibration.

Unibat also produce lithium X-Racer batteries. The lithium provides a much lighter battery, improved charging time and offers a longer life spam. There are 15 lithium part numbers which can easily be used to replace standard motorcycle batteries.

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