Easystart Returns Policy

At Easystart we understand that you may decide for whatever reason to return a product to us. You may have ordered the wrong item, or you may suspect that your battery is faulty.
To take advantage of this returns policy give us a call on 01536 203030 and we’ll arrange to have your battery picked up by one of our delivery drivers.
Please be aware that if the product is out of warranty we will not be able to provide you with a refund or replacement. (See Easystart warranty policy)

Easystart Testing Process

If for any reason you suspect that your battery is faulty we will test it for you.

Please note that you should never test a flat battery as this will only produce false readings.

Another cause of false readings would be testing a battery that has recently been “Jumpstarted”

We like to start by making sure the battery is fully charged. If the battery is flat on arrival we hook it up to one of our high quality industrial chargers. Charging a battery can take anywhere between 8 and 48 hours depending on how flat it is so please be patient.

Once the battery is fully charged you must leave it for 24 hours. This is called the cooling period.

If you test the Voltage during this time it would give you a surface charge of around 13.5V. Please do not assume this is the final reading. During the cooling period the Voltage will drop.

When the battery has cooled off we test it with one of our Durite testers. This piece of equipment checks the cold cranking amps (CCA) and the Voltage of the battery.

Depending on how old your battery is, the cold cranking amps will more than likely differ from the number stated on the label. This is just part of the life cycle of a battery. Over time it will gradually lose power. On average a battery loses 10% of its CCA per year.

When it comes to testing HAZE batteries the only thing we change is the testing equipment.

Once the battery is fully charged and has completed the cooling period we connect it to one of our state of the art ALFA BAT – PRO testers. The ALFA BAT acts almost as a heart monitor, measuring the work rate of the battery and the time in which it takes to completely discharge. If the results graph shows 60% or above then the battery has passed the test.

Click here to see our Battery Warranty.

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