Haze Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are ideal for deep cycle applications, such as electric vehicles, mobility scooters, golf trolleys and any applications operating off-grid such as motorhomes or portable signalling and signage.

Haze Gel

Gel batteries are vacuum sealed units filled with a gel silica rather than traditional acid. The electrolyte is suspended but can freely flow between the plates. The gel makes for a more robust battery inside as it is vibration and shock resistant. The suspension of the electrolyte also means the battery will hold its charge for a longer period of time and it protects the plates from sulphating or corroding.

From the company’s outset, Haze employed German technicians to help develop their Gel battery technology. Haze is, to this day one of very few manufacturers worldwide that manufacture a ‘true’ Gel battery and the brand has a phenomenal reputation worldwide for its Gel (HZY) range.

One of the major benefits of Gel batteries over AGM is their resistance to sulphation. This occurs when a battery is left in a discharged state for a long period of time or is used when not fully charged. If an AGM battery is used when not fully charged, the plates will be damaged and sulphation occurs, a process which can’t be reversed. A Gel battery is resistant to this use during partial states of charge and can be recovered to 100% capacity.

However if used repeatedly in a discharged state, even a Gel battery will start to degrade over time.

Advantages of Haze Gel batteries:

  • Longer life span when maintained and charged correctly.
  • Haze Gel batteries can cycle up to 650 times.
  • Improved performance over long discharge
  • Better tolerance to temperature variation
  • Improved charge acceptance due to lower internal resistance.

ALWAYS recharge your battery immediately after use to reduce sulphation and loss of capacity.