AGM batteries are ideal for deep cycle applications, such as electric vehicles including mobility scooters and golf trolleys.


Haze AGM - Range:

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) is the most popular range in electric vehicle applications. They are best suited to the occasional user who doesn’t travel a great distance or use their scooter or trolley often. AGM batteries need to be charged after every use to get the best results and lifespan out of the battery.

Haze AGM - EX Range:

The Haze manufacturing facility thrives in an atmosphere of continuous improvement and re-invention to challenge the employees to find more efficient products and working practices. The EX Range was in development for over five years before its launch and delivers exceptional specifications beyond original box size beliefs. It is exclusive to and only available from Haze.

The current range consists of five part numbers where empty box space has been utilised. This has resulted in the capacity of the EX batteries being increased by up to 46% compared to standard AGM batteries.

This range suits a user who needs to more power but has limited space on a scooter, golf cart or lawn mower. It offers the customer a chance to upgrade their battery power without having to necessarily upgrade the vehicle. The EX range can be used for an occasional user who travels a further distance, it is a mid-range battery option between standard AGM and GEL.

Which battery is best for me?

We often get asked which battery is better, AGM or GEL? Both technologies have amazing qualities which are best suited depending on the user’s needs.


Haze standard AGM electric vehicle range is designed for the occasional user. They are sealed and can be used on their side. If you want more power you can always upgrade to the EX Range.

  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Deep Cycle
  • Advanced Plate Technology


Haze Gel batteries are designed for a deep discharge and have a greater cycle life than AGM. They are used for longer during the day and more times throughout the week and still get the same great performance. If you use your vehicle all year round then Gel is more efficient in wider temperature variations.

  • Greater Cycle Life
  • Deeper Discharge
  • Better in Wider Variation of Temperatures

All Haze electric vehicle batteries must be charged after use and left to fully charge. Leaving a battery flat will result in loss of capacity. This is not a manufactures fault and is not covered under warranty.

This is a summary of the range Easystart is able to offer, please download the PDF spec sheet for more information or use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch.