Haze Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are what they say on the box. Rather than a lead acid battery the acid is mixed with silica additive, this means the acid hardens into a jelly like substance. The electrolyte is suspended but can freely flow between the plates. The gel makes for a more robust battery inside as it is vibration and shock resilient. The suspension of the electrolytes also means the battery will hold its charge for a longer period of time and it protects the plates from sulphating or corroding.

Haze is one of very few manufacturers worldwide that make a ‘true’ gel battery. As AGM and Gel batteries are made in a similar way at the beginning there are manufacturers which advertise a Gel product but often the battery is a standard AGM with a layer of Gel on the top, often known as a hybrid battery. These do not have the same properties as a Gel battery.

The technological advances do mean that Gel batteries are a higher cost compared to AGM, however as Easystart import almost as much Gel as AGM we stock the most competitive Gel batteries on the market.

It is incorrect to say that one technology is better than the other, the key is to use the battery that best suits your application and usage. Please use the guide to help you.

Haze has a proud reputation in the Gel battery market. Gel has many advantages, for example; a longer life span when maintained and charged correctly. Used to their optimum, Haze Gel batteries can cycle up to 650 times. Further advantages also include improved performance over long discharge, better tolerance to temperature variation and improved charge acceptance due to lower internal resistance.