Dyno Battery started in 1933 manufacturing automotive batteries to supply auto parts stores throughout Washington State in the U.S.A. Charles E. Knowlton and his son, Mark A. Knowlton, pooled their resources and purchased the modest eight man battery plant, and building on Dyno’s already established reputation for producing a quality product, Charles and Mark embarked on a program to increase volume and product line. In 1970, Charles retired from active participation in the family owned business. Mark realising that the market was expanding and the potential was unlimited moved the operation from a rented basement to its state of the art manufacturing plant to service the growing west coast fishing fleet and started with its flagship marine battery line that offers high cold cranking along with superior life.

During the 1980’s, Dyno migrated into manufacturing batteries for Marine, Locomotive, Electric Forklift, Material Handling and Solar applications. Today Dyno products are designed primarily for deep cycle applications which includes a full line of Golf Cart, Floor Sweeper, Scrubber batteries. Dyno pride themselves in having a product line that is heavier than most brands manufactured today.

Carrying on the proud Knowlton tradition, Mark A. Knowlton Jr. joined the company in 1985 on a full-time basis to serve in the capacity of overseeing production and development. In 2011, he was appointed President of the Company.

This family - owned Seattle based plant is the largest of its type in the state and serves not only the Pacific Northwest, but also ships product all over the world. Easystart is sole distributor across the United Kingdom.

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