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Monbat offer the complete battery solution for the commercial vehicle market, including the bus and coach market. Monbat offers four different types of battery technologies depending on the vehicle, the usage and the level of electrical demand placed upon the battery.

Monbat’s standard commercial battery utilises punched grid technology and individual cell acid cooling during the build process to produce a heavy duty high quality battery which is reliable and safe as well as environmentally friendly. Monbat also offers a Premium range of commercial batteries which benefits from the same attributes but with up to 30% increased starting power and is ideal for vehicles with additional electrical equipment.

Monbat excels as an Original Equipment supplier with its range of EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt). These batteries are suitable for vehicles with a stop/start function but also are a requirement for intercontinental trucking, hotel loading and urban buses. AGM technology not only allows for excellent starting power but also for auxiliary electrical equipment such as night heaters, portable chargers and lighting.

MONBAT’S AGM and EFB range is designed to help reduce the fuel consumption and has a 30-40% increase in cold cranking power compared to a standard battery. It is also absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof.

The best advice for a commercial vehicle that uses a tail lift is too have two axillary batteries to run the tail lift and charge through a spilt charger system. This is the only current fail safe to ensure maximum battery efficiency for unloading and driving a commercial vehicle.

Easystart has seen a move in the market from the standard heavy duty starting product to sealed maintenance free and AGM batteries. Monbat has been continuously developing the specifications on all ranges, tailoring to the needs and wants of the market, the vehicle development and advances in technology. What makes Monbat so great is it isn’t just a label of a battery it is a manufacturing brand, nothing else is made in these factories.

‘A company can have the top of the range bus or lorry, with Wi-Fi, televisions, comfortable seats, air con and enhances safety features, but at the end of the day if the bus doesn’t start it can’t complete of job of getting the consumer from A and B. It is just as important to put the best equipment on the vehicle as it is inside the vehicle’.

Easystart together with Monbat are committed to improving the battery industry and the standards of batteries currently on the market. With a combined 70 years’ experience in the battery industry Easystart offers expert advice, customer care, competitive prices and technical support.

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