Chargers and Accessories

Easystart stocks a wide range of chargers and accessories to suit whatever the application. See below an overview of the range or contact us to find out more on 01536 203030 or


Charging a battery correctly is the key to obtaining the longest possible life out of your battery. Overcharge or undercharge will result in premature failure which is not covered under warranty. Easystart recommends charging the battery with a charger that is 10-15% of the battery capacity i.e. a 100Ah battery requires a charger with an output of between 10-15Ah. It is essential to charge your battery immediately after use. Do not leave a battery in a discharged state.

Easystart stocks chargers suitable for:

  • Mobility
  • Golf
  • Car
  • Commercial
  • Motorcycle
  • AGM & GEL
  • Leisure



Easystart has a range of accessories to suit a number of different battery requirements. Also available is the Alfa-Bat Battery Capacity Tester which will test both batteries and chargers in 6 and 12v.

  • Alfa-Bat Battery Capacity Tester
  • Durite Battery Tester
  • Battery Cables and Connectors
  • Terminal Covers
  • T1 – T2 / T2 – T1 terminal adaptors
  • Lead & Brass Automotive Posts
  • Torberry Wires
  • Charger Cable

For more information on any of the above chargers, testers or accessories. Please call Easystart on 01536 203030 or email